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Gate Instruction

Everyone working or visiting TenneT high-voltage substations, line and cable connections or construction sites, must attend a site safety instruction session where TenneT's safety rules are explained. Attendance is a prerequisite for admission to the site.

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Apart from site specific instructions given on site, we have developed for the Netherlands and Germany e-learning modules for this purpose.


Prerequisite for admission

TenneT attaches great value to safety. We have therefore put in place specific rules that govern site admission and the performance of work at our operational high-voltage substations and construction sites and on our electricity connections. Attending a site safety instruction session is a prerequisite for admission at locations where TenneT is responsible for safety.

The gate instructions explain the general TenneT safety rules and rules of conduct. The instruction session must take place prior to departure to the site. Participants are required to watch an instructional video, followed by a test consisting of ten questions. Participants who have answered at least eight questions correctly receive a personal certificate. The certificate is valid for a period of one year. The certificate also includes proof of participation which can be cut out and pasted into the safety passport or uploaded in a digital safety passport (if the participant possesses such a passport). The employee or visitor must present the certificate or proof of participation to the TenneT representative upon entering the site.


On our provider's platform you will find two slightly different versions for Germany and the Netherlands. Please follow the corresponding link for the country in which you would like to enter one of our sites. If you require assistance, please call Helpdesk Explain: +31 (0) 33 450 47 48.