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Safety at TenneT

Safety is of great importance at TenneT. As an organisation, we are always aware of the risks associated with our activities. TenneT wants every employee to come home safely, every day.

Safety needs our energy

Our safety ambitions

Act safe, stay safe!

In recent years TenneT has shown an enormous improvement in safety behaviour, including certification on step 3 of the Safety Culture ladder (SCL). However, safety requires constant attention and focus. And that is why we need to take further steps. Our safety performance reflects the quality of our business operations. Operational excellence can only be achieved through a broad, proactive, risk-based approach to our business activities and processes. We want to be recognised as an excellent safety performer.

TenneT HSE policy

TenneT’s corporate HSE policy is a clear commitment to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses, to minimize the environmental impact of operational activities, to comply with applicable legal and other HSE-related requirements, to eliminate hazards and reduce HSE risks, and to continuously improve the corporate HSE management system and HSE performance. In addition, the HSE policy provides a framework for defining the company’s HSE objectives, directives, and processes.

Safety Strategy 2025

Getting every employee home safe and healthy, every time’

Getting every employee home safe and healthy, every time’, that is our safety vision. In other words: Zero Harm. Therefore TenneT will provide a solid foundation and step up in our commitment to safety, making it central to our culture and everyday practice. As part of our overall strategic goals 2025, our strategic safety goal is to provide a safe and great place to work for up to 10,000 employees and (sub) contractors.

The purpose of the Safety Strategy 2025 is to improve our safety performance. The Safety Strategy has been created to offer a common framework on which we can base our actions. We are all responsible for improving safety and we need to work together to get every employee home safe and healthy, every time. Together, we aim to create critical mass, focusing our actions and aiming for results. The same applies to every employee.

Safety Roadmap 2025

The Safety Strategy 2025 has been translated into the Safety Roadmap. The roadmap contains specific actions that we undertake to realize our ambition of Zero Harm. The Roadmap is a living document and is evaluated and updated quarterly in cooperation with the business.

The Roadmap 2025 is the base for our solid foundation. By focusing on results and making choices we can steer actions with contribute to our solid foundation. The transformation priorities help us to offer clarity focus, to increase the execution power of our organization, also regarding safety.


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