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The BorWin5 underwater cable being pulled ashore.

International connections

TenneT seeks to be a key player in the North West European energy market. We continue to work closely with our European partners to further integrate the electricity market, thereby assuring a reliable and secure electricity supply at competitive prices. Connecting countries and regions creates an international chain of high-voltage grids that makes it easier, cheaper and more efficient to transmit electricity across borders and to more effectively balance international supply and demand.

Cross-border connections

International high voltage connections

We have, or are in the process of realising the following cross-border connections with our international partners: 

  • NorNed cable from the Netherlands to Norway (operational since 2008)
  • BritNed cable from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom (operational since 2011)
  • Interconnector linking Doetinchem in the Netherlands to Wesel in Germany (planned for 2017)
  • NordLink from Germany to Norway (commissioning 2020)
  • COBRAcable from the Netherlands to Denmark (commissioning 2019).

System improvements

Working together with its international partners, TenneT has completed or is currently realising the following system improvements:

  • Market coupling between Belgium, France and the Netherlands (2008)
  • Market coupling between Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands (2010)
  • Cross-border intraday trading (2011)
  • Intraday trading with Norway (March 2012) and the UK (May 2012)
  • European market coupling between Scandinavia, the UK and Northwest Europe (February 2014)
  • Multi-Regional Coupling (MRC): Coupling of the Northwest European and Southwest European day-ahead markets (May 2014). This MRC allows for further extension of the target model in Europe for one integrated price coupled European day-ahead market.