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Safety Leadership

Our safety performance must reflect our operational excellence. TenneT wants to be regarded as a safety leader, and we believe that all TenneT employees should assume the role of leaders by working safely themselves. We therefore invest in training programmes for our managers and employees.

Safety Awareness

What you can do

At TenneT we work hard to increase safety awareness. We do so by conducting campaigns, providing training, organizing special events for our contractors, investigating incidents and publishing Safety Moments, organizing Safety Walks by management, and presenting the TenneT Safety Award. All these activities are aimed at making TenneT employees and personnel working for our contractors aware of the contribution they can make to ensuring everyone's safety.

Taking personal responsibility for safety is referred to as 'Safety Leadership'.

Safety Moment

An incident may prompt TenneT to issue a ‘Safety Moment’, describing what has happened and any measures that have been taken. Safety Moments are intended to inform TenneT staff and contractors, and are unrelated to any incident investigation or the findings of such an investigation. If you would like to receive Safety Moments, please contact us 

Safety Walks

Increase awareness

All TenneT managerial staff conduct so-called 'Safety Walks'. These walks are held on construction sites, during the performance of maintenance work, and at our offices. The purpose of a Safety Walk is to have an open discussion about safety in order to increase safety awareness.

TenneT's VCA/SCC-certified units (Grid Service Netherlands and Large Projects Netherlands) are already accustomed to performing workplace inspections (WPIs). TenneT's Safety Vision 2018 stipulates that all TenneT managerial staff must conduct Safety Walks.

Objectives of Safety Walks:

  • Contributing to safety awareness at TenneT
  • Gaining insight into activities, risks and any points for improvement on-site
  • Gaining insight into on-site safety during the performance of daily work
  • Challenging employees by having an open discussion about possible safety risks and control measures
  • Demonstrating Safety Leadership
  • Talking openly about safety