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TenneT workers at Wijk aan Zee

Our Strategy

Our strategy, purpose, promise and principles

Connect everyone with a brighter energy future

We are working on responsible growth

As we face the challenge to design and develop the grid that can support society’s climate ambitions, our strategy has never been more important. This is an engineering challenge on an unprecedented scale, requiring us to be crystal clear and tightly aligned on our plans to design and develop the necessary infrastructure.

We are guided by a clear purpose, to connect everyone with a brighter energy future.  Our promise is Lighting the way ahead together, which we deliver on as one company, working closely together with our share- and stakeholders.


Strategy pillars

We built our strategy on four pillars, each supporting the most critical factors of our business

TenneT Strategy Icons
Energise our people and organisation

With an inclusive and safe environment where people enjoy coming to work. We will build a leadership model that empowers, inspires and creates growth opportunities, so everyone can perform at their best and work as one.

Secure supply today and tomorrow

By maintaining the grid to meet reliability targets and operating it to its maximum capability. We will design solutions for balancing the grid in the future, while meeting societal objectives and realising our grid projects as promised.

Drive the energy transition 

TenneT, as transmission system operator, is a critical player in the historic journey to a secure, reliable, and zero-carbon energy system. Transmission grids are the backbone of the green energy revolution and as a green grid operator and thought leader, TenneT is playing a key role in meeting this historic challenge.

Safeguard our financial health

By implementing a regulatory framework to support our strategy and by delivering a return in line with what our capital providers expect, as well as by raising the necessary external financing. 

Our Principles

The energy transition is a challenge that requires new ideas, new technologies and new behaviours that build on the strong foundations we have laid


As we rise to the challenges of the energy transition, TenneT has clear and inspiring principles to guide our employees’ mindset and behaviour. Our three principles are Ownership, Courage and Connection.


We are accountable for our words, actions and decisions. 


We are honest, open and clear about what we think. We dare to make bold decisions, take ambitious initiatives and are willing to learn from our mistakes. 


We are involved with and work actively with other parties. The challenge of the energy transition requires us to do things differently and collaborate with a wide range of partners. We know that we do not have all the answers ourselves.

Responsible growth

We must grow responsibly and sustainably


Although  we are growing and changing at speed and scale to meet the demands of the energy transition, we strongly believe we must grow responsibly and sustainably.

For us, responsible growth means achieving our goals through more avenues than linear growth alone. The energy transition is a challenge that requires new ideas, new technologies and new behaviours that build on the strong foundations we have laid. 

Relentlessly growing our organisation and expanding our grid is not sustainable.  To get to where we need to be, we must have new solutions that help us move fast and make smarter use of our existing assets. And when we build new assets, we do so in the confidence that they will future-proof our grid and provide long-term value to society.

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