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Balance Responsible Party (BRP)

A balance responsible party can be a producer, a large user, an energy supplier or an energy trader.

Parties must meet the requirements that are described in the Electricity Grid Code, among others. This Grid Code is established by the regulator, the Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM). As a qualification body, TenneT checks whether the BRP meets the requirements for accession and implementation.

A BRP is responsible for balancing its own portfolio. This is done on a quarterly basis. When each BRP is in balance, the area in which TenneT bears responsibility for maintaining balance will also be in balance.

A BRP can keep its portfolio in balance by buying and selling energy with other market parties. The BRP passes these transactions on to its regional grid operator, which forwards the information in turn to TenneT. The sum total of all transactions carried out by a BRP is called an energy programme (E-programme). This is done on a daily basis. TenneT then checks the consistency between them. The E-programme is rejected by TenneT if there are any inconsistencies.

The measured or estimated values TenneT receives from the regional grid operators are added up. The difference between measured and actual traded volumes determines the imbalance. The imbalance is settled with the relevant BRP at the corresponding imbalance price.

Two types of BRP qualification are used in the Netherlands.

  1. BRP with connections in the portfolio
  2. BRP without connections in the portfolio

A BRP with connections means that there are physical customers (end-users or producers) in the portfolio to whom services are supplied. This includes metering and allocation processes related to the physical delivery to the customers or to the grid. This does not mean that a BRP has to be an owner, but it is responsible contractually.

You can find the complete BRP register on our website. It lists all the BRP parties accredited by TenneT.


Once you have registered as a BRP, you’ll be registered for a MyTenneT account. This free customer portal offers you access to your organisation’s invoicing, contact and financial data related to your role as a BRP.