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Purchasing policy TenneT Germany

Our purchases of products, works or services are based on European and national regulations as well as our own company guidelines.

TenneT's purchasing policy is based on three pillars: European and national regulations, TenneT's corporate policy and professional purchasing management best practices. Transparency and non-discrimination form the basis of all our purchasing and tendering processes. Key aspects of our purchasing policy are:

General terms and conditions of purchase

TenneT has established general terms and conditions for purchasing. Additional agreements may be made for specific products or services.


We strive to reduce costs as much as possible and always aim for the most economically viable offer: an optimal balance between quality, cost and service life.

Promoting the free market

We promote a fair and free market economy to ensure an adequate and competitive supply of the goods and services we purchase.

Purchase contracts

Our purchases are based on clear and unambiguous contracts. We use both short-term and long-term contracts for this purpose.


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