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The control room of TenneT in Arnhem, Netherlands

Transparency Netherlands

We make our business transparent. This page contains information and data on the Dutch and cross-border high-voltage grid.

Transparency of the energy market

The system data TenneT publishes relates to the following aspects of grid administration: preparation, implementation and processing

TenneT is obligated to publish predetermined data. These obligtaions arise from a need to enable the electricity market to operate freely. To ensure solid development of the electricity market, specific data must be published in a transparant way. 

Obligations resulting from European Regulations (EU Regulation 543_2013) are published to the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform (

Additional transparancy publications resulting from Dutch regulations to provide the basis for harmonized requirements for transparency within the Dutch electricity market can be found below.

Each category on the left contains link to the publications.


Network figures

TenneT publishes system data in order to facilitate the market, increase market transparency and publicly render account for our activities. The publication of system data is in accordance with our core values of quality and integrity. The system data published by TenneT are partly prescribed by the System Code, the Metering Code (link in Dutch) and the Implementation Regulations. 

Below you will find additional documents concerning the high-voltage grid, which are used in net calculations and determining cross-border capacity.