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Work in progress in one of the Wilhelmshaven-Conneforde pylons


The tariffs differ in the Netherlands and Germany due to different regulations.

Tariffs in the Netherlands

Our Dutch tariffs are set by the Dutch energy regulator ACM (Autoriteit voor Consument en Markt).

Each year, we submit a proposal to the ACM of what we intend to charge for our services that year, which we calculate according to the regulator’s Tariff Code.

This is evaluated by the board of the ACM, which then sets the actual fee in its Tariff Decision.

Two types of tariffs apply. These are:

The connection tariff comprises two components:

  • initial connection tariff: which covers the costs of creating the grid connection. It varies as connections to the high-voltage grid are tailor made.
  • periodic connection tariff: which covers the costs of maintaining and, if necessary, replacing the connection. Parties with multiple connections receive a separate invoice for each one. The periodic connection tariff is a fixed amount that is updated once a year.


Every party that is connected to the national high voltage grid (regional grid administrator, producer or large industrial consumer) pays TenneT a transmission tariff for each connection it uses. The transmission tariff covers the costs of the transmission service.

There are two types of transmission tariffs:

  • the non-transmission-related consumer tariff (in Dutch: TOVT); which covers the costs that are not directly related to the transmission of electricity. These are, for example, the costs of the administrative processing of metering data, the administration of the register of connections, and the billing costs.
  • the transmission-related consumer tariff (in Dutch: TAVT): which covers the costs of the transmission of electricity. This tariff consists of a unit price per kilowatt (kW). Depending on the number of hours during which the connected party uses the transmission grid (= operating time), a higher or lower tariff will apply.

    TenneT charges the TAVT tariff to large industrial consumers and regional grid administrators directly connected to the Dutch high-voltage grid.



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