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Spare capacity from high voltage grid

The Dutch high-voltage grid has a very high reliability. The grid is available for the supply of electricity 99.99% of the time. One of the reasons for this high reliability is that our high-voltage grid has a double connection. In the event of a failure or maintenance, the reserve capacity can be used almost immediately. It is therefore a kind of hard shoulder of the electricity grid.

The electricity grid is becoming increasingly busy. In particular, the arrival of solar parks is increasing demand for transport capacity on the grid. In order to transport all this extra electricity, the high-voltage infrastructure has to be expanded. These expansions take a lot of time and, moreover, only a limited number of technicians are available to carry out the work. In order to create additional capacity on the existing grid, we will open the emergency lane for renewable energy generators such as solar parks in a number of places from 2022. This will provide up to 30% extra capacity in a number of places. If a failure does occur, these generators will be temporarily switched off to make room on the hard shoulder. In this way we ensure that the lights always stay on and more solar and wind farms can connect to the existing electricity grid throughout the Netherlands.