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Settlement prices graph

As part of the system service of balancing, TenneT settles regulating and emergency power with the BSP’s, and imbalance with the BRP’s. This settlement is based on prices set by TenneT

Graph settlement prices


The determination of settlement prices for bids of regulating capacity utilised has been laid down in the Netcode and further explained in the imbalancing pricing system documentation and Implementation Regulations. The Netcode contains stipulations about the determination of the imbalance price.

On the x-axis of this graph is daily data displayed per ISP. The y-axis displays the imbalance price. The range is determined dynamically, based on the height of imbalance prices on that day. The graph displays two lines:

  • Shortage refers to the imbalance price of the BRPs with shortages: the BRP pays this price to TenneT (if negative, TenneT pays the BRP).
  • Surplus refers to the imbalance price of the BRPs with surpluses: TenneT pays this price to the BRP (if negative, the BRP pays TenneT).

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Using the graph

The graph shows the complete day. On default the most recent settlement prices are shown, this can be the data for one or two days ago. Historical data can be viewed by selecting the date above the graph.

Below the graph the date and time on which the information was last updated are displayed.

The same data is available on the table page.

It is possible to download data of the entire day by using the “Download” button.