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Settled imbalance volumes Graph

Settled imbalance volumes shows the volumes settled by TenneT with BRP’s on a 15 minute basis, also known as Imbalance Settlement Period (ISP)

Graph settled imbalance volumes


This graph displays the data of a complete week per ISP on the x-axis. The y-axis displays the settled volume in kWh. The range is determined dynamically, based on the height of settled volumes in that week.

The graph shows two lines:

  • Absolute; The absolute volume of the energy settled by TenneT with the BRP’s through the imbalance: absolute shortage + absolute surplus.
  • Saldo: the balance of the energy settled by TenneT with BRP’s:
    • Saldo > 0; means a system surplus
    • Saldo < 0; means a system shortage


Any wrongful allocation of measurement values to BRP’s by grid operators may affect the absolute imbalance volume, but not the net imbalance.


Go to the page with the data in table format


Using the graph

The graph shows the complete week. On default the most recent settled imbalance volumes are shown, these are updated following the definitive imbalance settlement, and can be three weeks in the past. Historical data can be viewed by selecting the date above the graph. When a point on a line in the graph is selected, detailed information for that ISP is displayed.

Below the graph the date and time on which the information was last updated are displayed.

The same data is available on the table page.

It is possible to download data of the entire week by using the “Download” button.