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Schedule Management

The operational processing of the Schedule Management at TenneT is centrally located at our control centre in Lehrte.

In accordance with the German market regulations (conforming to the European Standard ESS), the nomination process is automated. The customer systems are informed regarding the current status of their schedule registration with defined messages.

To guarantee smooth operations between the control centre and customer systems, a coordinated processing of these messages is necessary. Due to the European Initiative for the Standardisation of Congestion Management and shortening of Lead Times with the Schedule Registration, the requirements to be satisfied by the involved partners have increased. To provide you with technical support in this regard, the employees of the 24/7 shift and the back office in Lehrte are at your disposal.

Schedule Management
24/7 shift

The shift employees supports you with the following topics:

  • Coordination for the day ahead process
  • Intraday schedule changes
  • Congestion management
Back office

On workdays, the back office colleagues are also at your disposal:

  • Day after process
  • General technical questions

The balance responsible party (BKV) registers the scheduled energy deliveries in a binding manner to the transmission grid operator by 14:30 on the previous day at the latest for the following day. You can obtain information on the schedules below.

At TenneT TSO GmbH, the following procedure applies within the framework of control area-internal schedule management. According to GPKE and the balancing group contract, working days are all those days that are neither Saturday, Sunday nor a public holiday. If a day is designated as a public holiday in a federal state, then this public holiday applies nationwide. Changes for the settlement day are generally accepted until 4 p.m. on the next working day, but no later than the third calendar day following the settlement day.

Information on a possible breakdown of the E-Mail-address of TenneTs scheduling system

In the case of longer  breakdown of the E-Mail-address of TenneT’s scheduling system fahrplan(at) we will inform you as balance responsible party.

In such a case we ask you (as far as available) to use the communication via ISDN to our FTP-Server.
As a further alternative we might in such a case possibly install another E-Mail-address for scheduling and inform you accordingly. This may cause slight changes in your IT (e.g. change of E-Mail-address of TenneT).

Please note this information in order to enable you and your communication systems to be prepared in the best possible way for such a case.



Important information on the form and on the submission of schedules can be found at:


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