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Roadmap 2023: 10 years of collaboration and innovation

With the completion of the 'Roadmap 2023', we connected step by step 3.5 gigawatts of wind power to our electricity grid. On schedule - safely, on time and on budget. And that is a great achievement!

The Story of Offshore Wind

Climate targets

Major contribution by wind energy

The climate targets agreed in the 2013 Energy Agreement are within reach. Offshore wind energy makes a major contribution to these. We are proud to make our contribution to a cleaner energy future. In 2016, the government designated us as the offshore grid operator for the Netherlands. This means we ensure that offshore wind farms are connected to the electricity grid.

In recent years, we have worked with governments, local communities, contractors, NGOs and interest groups to build offshore wind farms.

Thanks to the successful Dutch approach to offshore wind, we can even accelerate in the coming years. Once we have connected 21 gigawatts of installed capacity around 2030, offshore wind farms will generate enough for 75% of today's electricity consumption in the Netherlands.

Roadmap 2023 Grid at Sea Netherlands
Kunstriffen op zee bij ‘stopcontact’ Hollandse Kust (west Alpha)

Impact on people and nature

The offshore grid was constructed at the same time as the wind farms were built. In this way, we limit the impact on people and nature as much as possible. We also do this by conducting continuous research and using new techniques that minimalizes impact on life above and below water.

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Towards a sustainable offshore energy industry in 10 years

Planning, developing, building and testing

In the Netherlands, we have had 10 years of planning, developing, building and testing together. From nothing, we grew to a full-fledged offshore sustainable energy industry. With an additional boost for new jobs and a sustainable economy. So, we are increasingly able to generate and use clean energy ourselves, which is also sustainable for the longer term and for future generations.

Dutch Offshore Wind - celebrating roadmap 2023

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