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Since 2019 the Danish and Dutch high-voltage grid are interconnected via a high-voltage direct current submarine cable, the COBRAcable. The interconnector has a capacity of 700 MW and is around 325 kilometres long.

Netherlands, Denmark
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Interconnection between the Netherlands and Denmark

TenneT and Energinet,  Danish electricity and gas grid operator, realised a high-voltage direct current submarine cable that interconnects the electricity grids of The Netherlands and Denmark.  COBRAcable runs from Eemshaven (the Netherlands) to Endrup (Denmark) via the German sector of the North Sea. Two onshore converter stations, one in the Netherlands and one in Denmark, convert alternating current into direct current. This is necessary to transport the electricity without major losses. The converters also convert direct current back into alternating current; the Dutch and Danish electricity grids operate on the basis of alternating current.


The Netherlands can import more sustainable electricity via this interconnector cable, mainly wind energy from Denmark. Ensuring security of supply is of great importance to Denmark. The cable makes Dutch capacity available on a structural basis for the Danish electricity grid, and vice versa.
Furthermore, the cable connection has been designed in such a way that it will be possible to connect an offshore wind farm at a later stage. In this way, the cable contributes to realizing a sustainable international energy landscape, an important goal of the European Union.


This interconnector enables for the first time a direct flow of electricity between the Danish and Dutch markets. The capacity will be made available to the long-term, day-ahead and intraday electricity market.

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  • high-voltage direct current subsea cable
  • 325 km long
  • Capacity of 700 MW


  • Wind power
  • Since 2019
  • TenneT and Energinet

    COBRAcable Constructing the green cable documentary


    COBRAcable shorelanding Eemshaven


    First pile COBRAcable TenneT


    COBRAcable TenneT connection Europe


    COBRAcable Cable Pull Fano Denmark Film




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