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Alongside the grid connection projects BorWin1 and BorWin2, BorWin3 is the third project that TenneT has implemented off the coast of Borkum using direct current technology.

Lower Saxony, North Sea
  • BorWin3
Offshore platform Borwin3 at sea

About the project

160 kilometers long and 900 megawatt direct current connection

BorWin3 grid map

At the Emden/Ost site, TenneT built a converter station with a transformer station to convert the energy generated at sea from direct current to three-phase current and feed it into the grid from there. A total distance of 160 kilometres has to be bridged, with the wind power first being transported via a 130-kilometre-long sea cable to the west of Borkum to Hamswehrum and from there transmitted via a 30-kilometre-long underground cable to Emden/Ost.

Since 2018, the onshore converter station has been completed, and in September 2018 the offshore converter station, which was manufactured in Dubai, was transported to the North Sea and installed there in October (read more about its transport and installation in our German blog). BorWin3 has been in operation since August 2019.

Connecting concept:

The electricity generated at sea is collected in the wind farm's own transformer station. From there the energy is transported to TenneT’s offshore converter platform via a 155 kilovolts three-phase alternating current (AC) cables. The conversion of AC to direct current (DC) takes place in the offshore converter station. The electricity is then transported by submarine and underground cable to the corresponding land station. Here, the electricity is converted back into AC and fed into the TenneT extra-high voltage grid.

  • BorWin gamma im Sturm Petrofac

    BorWin gamma im Sturm Petrofac

  • BorWin3

    BorWin3 land station

  • BorWin3 Land station aerial view

    BorWin3 Land station aerial view

  • BorWin gamma Transport North sea

    BorWin gamma Transport Nordsee

  • BorWin3 land station transformer

    BorWin3 land station transformer

  • BorWin3 transformer transport Emden

    BorWin3 Trafotransport Emden

  • BorWin3 sea cable rewinding on Cable Enterprise

    BorWin3 sea cable rewinding on Cable Enterprise


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Cornelia Junge

Spokesperson - Project Communication Offshore

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