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Powerflow simulator

How does our electricity system work? What happens if a power line breaks down? Why do we have to avoid traffic jams in the grid? The TenneT power flow simulator playfully helps you to better understand these and many other questions about our transmission network. Step into the shoes of TenneT and discover the challenges of operating and building your own high-voltage grid.


The TenneT power flow simulator gives you the opportunity to operate and build your own electrical grid. It allows you to experience the real-life challenges that transmission system operators like TenneT face every day and it shows you what TenneT does to ensure a reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity. The "Learn" section playfully guides you through different scenarios and challenges that you need to complete. In the "Explore" section you are free to try out all the functionalities of the system and you can even build your own grid in the ''expert mode''. It is also possible to save the grid that you've built, so that you can continuously keep working on it. 

The tool works best within
- GoogleChrome 74+
- Firefox 60+

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