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TenneT to explore the possibility of tapping into the capital markets for the funding of its German operations

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The fast acceleration of TenneT's grid expansion, onshore and offshore, requires unprecedented investments. TenneT's recently announced 10-year investment plan in both countries for the period 2024-2033 adds up to EUR 160 billion, which is expected to be funded primarily through debt but also requires equity. As a potential solution for the equity need in respect of its German operations, TenneT has explored the possibility of a full sale of its German operations to Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), acting on behalf of the German state. Although extensive discussions have taken place for over more than a year, unfortunately no agreement could be reached so far. TenneT, in close cooperation with the Dutch state as its sole shareholder, will therefore explore alternative structural solutions. As part hereof, TenneT will also make preparations for potential investment in TenneT Germany by private investors or a potential listing of TenneT Germany to raise equity in the public capital markets.

Meanwhile, as previously announced, the Dutch state has provided TenneT a EUR 25 billion shareholder loan, safeguarding the financing of its planned investments in the Netherlands and Germany for 2024/2025. TenneT also successfully tapped into the hybrid market recently with a dual tranche EUR 1.1 billion Green Hybrid Bond. TenneT thus remains fully committed to executing its large investment plan in both countries, to provide highly needed transmission capacity both onshore and offshore.


Eefje van Gorp

Eefje van Gorp