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TenneT seeks companies willing to relieve grid for a fee

TenneT has started a nationwide search for companies willing to handle their supply and demand flexibly in return for a fee to relieve the electricity grid at busy times. To this end, the national grid operator has launched an ongoing market consultation.

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The fast pace of energy transition is creating bottlenecks at various points in the high-voltage grid. The advance of companies switching from fossil fuels to electricity, charging stations, heat pumps and solar parks is happening faster than grid extensions can be realised. As a result, companies in various places have to wait longer than desired for a connection or the strengthening of a connection. 

In order to still offer extra space on the grid, TenneT wants to spread the use of the electricity grid more. This is because in many places the grid is only at maximum capacity for 80 to 100 hours out of 8700 hours per year. This is for instance on sunny days in summer with little consumption or during cold winter days when there is high demand for electricity. 

Using the grid less at those 'peak times' creates extra space for new connections. TenneT is therefore looking for companies that can relieve the electricity grid at peak times for a fee. Companies and parties with more than 1 megawatt of flexible capacity available can participate. 

All these parties can notify TenneT of their interest in how much flexible power they can supply and at which location they have it available. TenneT analyses the applications and may contact them to make arrangements to participate on demand. In doing so, TenneT looks for participants in all provinces. In many places, capacity on the existing grid is scarce and flexibility can be a quick solution to provide more capacity. 

Earlier this year, flexible capacity was already contracted in six provinces, providing additional space on the existing grid. However, an analysis by TenneT shows that the potential is still much bigger than the current flexibility deployed. In the coming period, TenneT will therefore actively enter into discussions with companies and organisations, working together with relevant industry associations, governments and regional grid operators. 

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