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Open Innovatie Programma

TenneT looking for innovations to tackle grid congestion

TenneT is looking for solutions, concepts and ideas that can help combat congestion and further optimize the use of the electricity grid. To this end, the national grid operator is launching together with DSO’s in the Netherlands an Open Innovation Programme in which interested external parties can participate.

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The rapid development of heat pumps, charging stations, new businesses and industry's sustainability initiatives, is leading to an explosion in demand for power-grid capacity. Grid expansion is in full swing, but it’s taking a long time, partly due to the search for suitable sites and lengthy permit procedures. Resources, in terms of qualified personnel and equipment to prepare and carry out all the work, are also limited.

Start of open innovation programme

TenneT is involved in a national action programme landelijk actieprogramma to speed up grid investments and work on solutions to make better use of the grid. In parallel, TenneT is actively looking for more ideas to optimise the use of the grid in order to connect more and faster customers to the transmission and distribution grid. That is why TenneT is launching an "Open Innovation Programme".  In it, participants can come up with creative proposals that contribute to optimal utilisation of the grid. The regional grid operators Alliander, Stedin and Enexis are collaborating with us in this programme.

Proposals on smart solutions

The Open Innovation Programme offers participant the chance to take solutions to the next level, test and develop pilots, possibly with financial compensation. In doing so, the programme also gives the opportunity to build partnerships. The kick-off is on 16 February 2023 at TenneT's headquarters in Arnhem.

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