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NorNed back in operation with adjusted operational conditions

TenneT and Statnett will take NorNed back into operation on 17 October after a repair and testing period. As part of the cable is still in degraded condition and cannot be repaired in the short term, restrictions on how the interconnector can be operated will apply.

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Transmission capacity reductions 

TenneT and Statnett underline the importance of the NorNed interconnector, especially in the upcoming winter months. Restrictions to sustain the operations have therefore been implemented. As of 17 October, the connection has a reduced maximum transmission capacity of 620MW (previously 700MW). In addition, measures are being introduced to reduce intraday flow direction changes.

Long term solution

With these temporary adjustments, TenneT and Statnett are reducing the stress on the cable, with the aim of allowing the NorNed interconnector to continue operations upcoming winter. Eventually, replacement of part of the cable (about 1.3 kilometers) will be necessary in order to repair the cable connection correctly. This repair requires more preparation time. Once an enduring and long term solution is in place, the adjusted operational conditions and market measures will be reassessed. TenneT and Statnett are working on a long term solution and repair plan. Cable experts are currently conducting (follow-up) investigations into the cause of the cable's degraded condition.


Interconnector NorNed



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