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NewMotion is the first charge point operator licenced to deliver grid balancing services at megawatt scale

Through its existing network of smart chargers, NewMotion will manage the charging speeds of thousands of electric vehicles (EVs) to balance the grid and reduce our reliance on fossil fuel

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Amsterdam, June 16 2021 – NewMotion, a leader in smart EV charging solutions and a Shell group company, announces today that it’s the first charge point operator to receive a licence to deliver grid balancing services. NewMotion will enable this functionality on its existing install base of smart chargers, making it instantly available to thousands of customers. By simultaneously managing the charging speeds of its connected chargers, NewMotion is the first EV charging company to deliver grid balancing services at a megawatt scale which is equal to the energy consumption of a 1,000 households, aggregating individual electric vehicles into a virtual battery.

A more sustainable alternative for grid balancing

With the increasing amount of renewable energy on the grid, causing a higher intermittency and more grid deviations, there is more need for grid balancing. Grid balancing using electric vehicles is a sustainable alternative to the existing solutions. On a larger scale, EVs can help reducing the need for industrial coal and gas turbines that need to be fired up.

NewMotion will deliver grid balancing services to TenneT for frequency containment reserve (FCR). FCR is the most important means to mitigate large power generation outages. With their reserves, parties can help Transmission System Operators like TenneT keep the European grid balanced at 50Hz frequency and prevent blackouts. NewMotion’s network of smart chargers can respond to deviations in the grid frequency within seconds. This is up to 600% faster than fossil fuel based alternatives, while not having a significant impact on the charging experience.


As the first EV charging solutions provider in Europe licenced for FCR, we’re proud to use our network of smart chargers to help balance the grid”, says Arjan Keizer, Chief Strategy Officer at NewMotion“Our licence from TenneT unlocks the value of smart chargers and EVs as previously unutilised and distributed energy assets. Using the existing charging infrastructure and EV-battery capacity is a material step in the energy transition.”

Due to the strict requirements, not many companies have the necessary technology to deliver FCR. Keizer continues: “Yet, with our charging technology that simultaneously optimises the charging sessions of thousands of EVs, NewMotion is demonstrating that smart charging is both an effective and a more sustainable way to balance the grid.”


Maarten Abbenhuis, COO at TenneT: “TenneT envisions a future in which EVs are a relevant element in the solution space that is needed to balance the grid. That’s why we started a pilot project with several market parties, including NewMotion, to identify if and how they could contribute to secure a stable European frequency (50 Hz) via a market based system. We’re excited to see that this pilot now results in the successful certification of NewMotion for grid balancing services. The market entry of new parties using decentralized assets can lead to a more competitive market and resilient energy system by leveraging the level playing field for different types of technologies.”


Optimised smart charging

Smart charge points can be used to plan charging sessions and influence charging speeds, optimally spreading the energy charged by EVs over time: both to the EV owner’s and the grid’s benefit. NewMotion, in collaboration with technology supplier Enervalis, uses the charging speed as a buffer to respond to frequency deviations: when the frequency is too low, charging slows down and when the frequency is too high, charging speeds up. Thanks to its smart charging algorithm, EV owners are still ensured of a full charge when they need it. By connecting just 4,000 EVs to the grid NewMotion is able to provide 1 MW for grid balancing services. NewMotion customers can opt-in to the new grid balancing feature as the company will make it available to its existing network of smart chargers.

About NewMotion

NewMotion is a leading smart charging solutions provider for electric vehicles, offering smart charging solutions for business and private customers, at the workplace, at home and on-the-go. NewMotion’s mission is to enable everybody to drive as many kilometers as possible powered by clean energy. Providing access to over 200,000 charge points across 35 countries, the company offers an expansive roaming network in Europe. More than 400,000 registered drivers already use NewMotion's charge card or app for a seamless charging experience on-the-go. A member of the Shell group, NewMotion is ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified and has played an active leading role since 2009 in the electric vehicle charging industry.

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