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Energy at the intersection - Financial Times

TenneT CEO Manon van Beek is featured in the Financial Times' article "Energy at the Intersection" - where she outlines TenneT's position on strategic partnerships to unlock the potential of the North Sea.

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“Society will become increasingly electrified,” says Manon Van Beek, CEO of European grid operator TenneT. “Using electrons directly is always the most efficient solution. If you want to realise the energy system of the future even faster, you just have to look at the North Sea and to grow that into a North Sea powerhouse. Not just for the Netherlands or Germany, but also for the whole of north-western Europe. We have to really start thinking differently and scale up."

“Although I am responsible for electrons mainly, it is also important to say that the energy system of the future goes well beyond electrons because not all industry will be able to electrify. That is why I strongly believe in a future that is a mix of electrons, in the form of electricity from offshore wind, and molecules from hydrogen,” says Van Beek. “It is really important that [governments] have a roadmap that integrates electrons and molecules. And that we have a view on the infrastructural backbones for electricity and hydrogen, but also for heat and for carbon CO2 storage.”

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