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Coordinating Remedial Actions In Core Region

TenneT together with other European Transmission System Operators (TSOs) of the Core Capacity Calculation Region (Core CCR) have taken another important step on the backbone of the European Energy Market of the future: The Improved Coordination Solution (ICS) of remedial actions.

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TenneT is part of the biggest capacity calculation region, the so-called Core, existing of 16 TSOs of Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

They are developing and implementing market integration solutions defined in European legislation. Further integration of the wholesale electricity markets is essential for the energy transition towards a carbon free energy system.

The current regulatory focus is thus on increasing cross-zonal capacities including increased cooperation and harmonisation between member states. Since it becomes increasingly challenging and expensive to maintain operational grid security, a common cross-border determination and coordination of remedial actions is needed. That is why the ROSC (Regional Operational Security Coordination) Methodology were developed and adopted for each European CCR. For each CCR, the methodology establishes common processes for Regional Security Analysis, Remedial Action Optimization, Coordination and Cost Sharing within the respective CCR. The processes cover the operational planning timeframe Day Ahead and Intraday and will complement and replace already existing national and international operational planning processes. The ROSC methodology will be stepwise implemented in the coming years and they bring an international obligation of TSOs to share and coordinate remedial actions for solving congestions in TSO´s grids. It should lead to a more efficient use of remedial actions and to enhancing the security of electricity supply.

First step of Regional Operation Security Coordination between 13 countries

As part of this process on 1 November, the ICS process was launched by CCR Core TSOs and Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs). RSCs are centres of cooperation of the involved TSOs and play an important operational role in all the coordinated processes in CCR Core. The ICS provides a daily exchange of Remedial Actions potential, such as Redispatch and Countertrade potential, topological measures, available Phase Shifter Tap ranges and also introduces a common Coordination process for the planning and activation of these Remedial Actions.

Target solution will be implemented as next step in 2024

The implementation of the ICS marks an important milestone, but only the first step in a sequence of implementations which TSOs will perform in order to fulfil the guidelines on electricity transmission system operation established by the EU Commission (SO GL). With this early implementation the existing operative planning processes are prepared for the target solution of the future, the Coordinated Security Analysis (CSA). For the target solution a common centralized platform will enable Core TSOs to optimize remedial actions, in order to relieve existing congestions in the grid and utilize the grid in the most efficient way.


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