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25 jaar TenneT

25 years of TenneT: working together for a sustainable future

This month TenneT celebrates its 25th anniversary. We are proud of our history, in which we have demonstrated our expertise, knowledge and importance to the energy transition in many ways. As an international Transmission System Operator (TSO), we connect millions of end users to sustainable energy and ensure a safe and reliable supply of electricity 24/7.

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The people of TenneT

It is the people at TenneT who make our company unique. In an international mix of colleagues from more than 50 countries, each of us has a unique story. Some have been with TenneT for 25 years, others have joined the company recently. Our backgrounds may be different, as are our areas of expertise, skills and talents. What matters is that, even in these times of great change, we are working on the energy system of today and tomorrow. Full of energy. Together.

Bringing the future closer

Our collective knowledge, experience and passion are enabling us to find the creative solutions we need to make Europe the world's first carbon neutral continent by 2050. Together, we are building something bigger than ourselves. Something that goes beyond 2023... even beyond our generation. We are building the target grid of the day after tomorrow, where all electricity is carbon neutral, electricity and hydrogen are integrated and energy systems are connected across national borders. It is a huge and complex task, but we are confident that together we can make it happen.