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Merit Order List Graph

The aFRR product is offered by BSPs to TenneT as ancillary service, to be used in the process of reducing any power imbalance. aFRR is activated in merit order, while taking into account the ramping speed of the bids

Merit order graph


On this page the merit order for aFRR is shown as a graph. The information on submitted balancing energy bids for aFRR is available with a granularity of 10MW. For BRPs and other parties, this information can be used to estimate the development of balancing energy and imbalance prices, in case of imbalance. During the ISP both this publication and the balance delta publication could contribute to such an estimation. It is important to mention that the activated volumes that are shown in the balance delta publication, also contain partial activations of bids. This may lead to a higher price being reached than could be expected solely on the basis of the merit order list. This is caused by the ramping rate of aFRR, that is taken into account in the activated volumes published in the balance delta.

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The graph shows on the x-axis the volume in MW, representing each 10MW step on the merit order list, and on the y-axis the price in EUR/MWh. The prices for each 10MW step on the merit order list are plotted separately for positive and negative balancing energy. On default the merit order list is shown for the next ISP. The current ISP as well as the first few upcoming ISPs can be selected to be shown as well. Historical data can be viewed by selecting the date and time above the graph. Positive prices for positive balancing energy indicate prices paid by TenneT to the BSP, positive prices for negative balancing energy indicated prices paid by the BSP to TenneT. Below the graph the date and time on which the information was last updated are displayed.

The same data is available on the table page.