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International Cooperation

TenneT works closely with other countries to connect European electricity networks for even greater security of supply, harmonise electricity prices and help shape the transition to renewable energy.

International cooperation

As a cross-border transmission system operator, TenneT is working intensively to connect and integrate the electricity markets at European level. This is because even higher interconnected electricity grids in Europe increase security of supply, lead to more electricity trading, curb the rise in electricity prices and promote the integration of renewable energies.

TenneT supports all activities and initiatives to closer link the electricity markets and aims to create a single European internal electricity market. To jointly achieve these goals, TenneT is therefore involved in the following international cooperations:


The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) is an association of 39 network operators from 35 countries that cooperate in all key areas of transmission system operation. ENTSO-E's remit includes the development and implementation of technical and market network codes, the coordination of 10-year European energy infrastructure plans, and the promotion of technical cooperation among network operators. As a member company of ENTSO-E, TenneT supports the development of an integrated energy market in Europe, contributes to a sustainable energy landscape and thus ensures that electricity in Europe remains affordable, sustainable and reliable.

Join Allocation office (JAO):

On June 24, 2015, the General Assemblies of CAO and CASC.EU, the two allocation bodies for cross-border transmission capacity, signed the merger agreement and created the Joint Allocation Office (JAO). This was an important milestone for the integration of the electricity market in the EU.

The JAO is a service company of 20 transmission system operators (TSOs) from 17 countries*. Its main task is to conduct annual, monthly and daily auctions of transmission rights on 27 European borders. In addition, the JAO acts as a safeguard (fallback) for European Market Coupling.

*) 50Hertz (DE), Admie (GR), Amprion (DE), APG (AT), ČEPS (CZ), CREOS (LU), ELES (SI), ELIA (BE), EnerginetDK (DK), HOPS (HR), MAVIR (HU), PSE (PL), RTE (FR), SEPS (SK), Statnett (NO), Swissgrid (CH), TenneT (DE), TenneT (NL), Terna (IT), TransnetBW (DE)


TenneT is part of a cooperation of transmission system operators to control network security (TSO Security Cooperation). This alliance consists of eleven European grid operators in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Together, they are responsible for the secure supply of electricity to about 170 million people in Europe. TSCnet is currently a so-called 'Regional Security Coordinator', but will soon assume the role of RCC, 'Regional Coordination Centre', enshrined in EU legislation.

Market coupling initiatives

TenneT has been an active supporter and driver in market integration through 'Market Coupling' since 2006.