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Information for wind farm developers

In the Netherlands, TenneT will develop 20 GW offshore grid connections around the year 2030. The documentation below serves as background information for offshore wind farm developers to prepare their bid in upcoming wind farm zone site tenders.

Future offshore wind parks will be connected through 66 kV inter-array cables to an offshore 2 GW AC/DC converter station from TenneT. The offshore converter station will be based on HVDC technology. Using 2 GW high voltage (525 kV) export cables the electricity is transported to shore where the DC is converted back to AC again so the green energy can be fed into the onshore grid.

Tender IJmuiden Ver sites I - IV

The permits for the development of the IJmuiden Ver Wind Farm Zone Sites will be issued by the Dutch Government. Offshore wind farm developers can apply for this permit via a tender procedure. The RVO website provides information about the tender and permit to develop IJmuiden Ver Wind Farm Zone (IJVWFS).

On you can find all available site data on soil, wind and water conditions and obstructions on IJVWFS. 

Background information: offshore grid connection

The documentation below regarding the offshore grid connection serves as background information for offshore wind farm developers to prepare their bid.

Questions on the IJmuiden Ver Alpha and IJmuiden Ver Beta grid connection systems can be submitted to

TenneT will provide anonymised answers in the Q&A you can download below (last update 19th of December 2023).

  • Presentations
  • Model agreement
  • Background information

Consultation 2GW HVDC offshore grid connection system


To ensure the 2 GW standard has an optimal design from a system perspective, TenneT initiated a consultation process in 2019 with relevant stakeholders on all relevant interfaces with offshore wind farm developers (OWFs). The documentation below contains the result of this consultation process. The consultation process itself is described in the concluding report. The position papers per topic include a more in-depth description and substantiation of the positions.

You can find all relevant documents in the zip file below.

NB: please note that some insights have changed since the consultation was held. The most up-to-date information on relevant interfaces between TenneT and the offshore wind farm are included in the model agreements of the CTA and REA.

Green Grid operator

TenneT strives to enhance the energy transition in a sustainable manner, leading the way in maximizing our societal contribution and minimizing our impact. We identified 4 CSR-topics where we want to make a difference: Climate, Circularity, Nature and Human rights. In the leaflet, you can read how we realise our sustainability ambitions via our projects.


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