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Incident reserves

Incident reserves are manually activated by TenneT in case of incidents and significant long-lasting deviations in power

Incident reserves


To maintain the real-time power balance in the Netherlands, TenneT mainly uses Frequency Restoration Reserves(FRR) offered to TenneT by market participants

In case of incidents and substantial long-lasting power deviations, TenneT activates manual Frequency Restoration Reserves (directly activated).

On this webpage you can find today’s activated incident reserve capacity. TenneT refreshes this information every minute. One row in the overview remains empty (apart from the sequence number) if information is unavailable due to malfunctions. TenneT will fill in empty rows when the information is available.

The table shows the activated incident reserve capacity. The full activation time is applicable from the moment incident reserve is deployed. At the end of the activation, the deactivation time starts but the table will show 0. Both the activation and deactivation time are described in the product information.

Explanation of the column names:

  • Seq. nr: Sequence number of the displayed minute in the selected day
  • Timestamp: hour and minute in which the values are recorded
  • Incident reserve down (MW): the activated power in direction down
  • Incident reserve up (MW): the activated power in direction up


Using the table

Select a certain date in the date box. Use the arrows on the bottom of the table to skip through the day. Below the table the date and time on which the information was last updated are displayed.

It is possible to download data of the entire day by using the “Download” button.