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Target Grid 2045

As one of Europe's largest transmission system operators (TSO), we need to design and develop a grid that can support society's climate goals.

  • Timeline

  • Ready for peak demand deliveries

    TenneT must reach full capacity by 2025 to prepare for the major milestones of the energy transition. We need to provide a secure and rewarding workplace for 10,000 employees and (sub)contractors - that's the manpower we need to double our investment rate to €6 billion per year.

    However, we cannot achieve our goals just by growing our business and expanding the network. To get where we want to go, we need smarter solutions that help us act quickly.

    That's why we are working even more closely with contractors and suppliers to build the network of the future.

  • Prepared for Target Grid 2045

    By 2030, a crucial year for the EU's climate targets, we need to create a reliable backbone for our target network, with transport capacities that match the rapid decarbonisation plans of industry, households and transport. We will design and build our projects to be future-proof and plan for additional capacity to accommodate the rapid growth of the electrification of society.

    We are already working with a future-proof objective, including our approach to technical preparation and spatial planning. The efficiencies we are building in now will help us move faster and cut infrastructure development time by as much as half.

  • TenneT has built the grid for the CO2-free society

    Thanks to faster project delivery and proactive planning, by 2045 we will have delivered the grid needed for a carbon-free energy system, in line with the Paris Agreement and national climate targets. We will have integrated the offshore and onshore grids, connecting all sectors of the energy system and using the North Sea as a new power plant for clean energy in Europe.