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The Energy Transition

As the first cross-border European TSO, TenneT intends to play a pioneering role in the transition to a clean, circular decarbonised energy system.

For many years, we have already demonstrated our active contribution to the transition towards a sustainable, reliable and affordable European energy system. Now, we are accelerating our work even faster to support the European Union’s carbon neutrality goals.

Our path to 2050

By 2050 the European Union aims to become the first carbon-neutral continent. By 2030, the EU wants to reduce CO2 emissions by 55%. Germany wants to be carbon-neutral by 2045.

To hit these targets, Europe needs rapid electrification, in industry, mobility and households. The share of electricity in the energy system will grow exponentially, from 20% today to 40-60% in 2050.

As one of Europe’s largest Transmission Service Operators (TSOs), we need to design and develop a grid that can support society’s climate ambitions: we call this our 2045 Target Grid.

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