Mixed Reality Future of communication

Who is TenneT, what does it do? What part does TenneT play in the energy transition? What tasks and what challenges must TenneT accomplish as a European transmission network operator? Experience the world of TenneT in a brand new multimedia and mixed reality presentation. In the heart of the capital, Berlin, incorporated in the TenneT representation in Friedrichstraße, TenneT Virtual Vision will guide you into the future of stakeholder communication.

Energy transition Understanding positions

Germany’s power supply is to be fundamentally reorganised – away from nuclear and fossil fuels to renewable energy. But who is actually “making” the energy transition? And what do people think about it? Meet the energy transition’s stakeholders and learn about their positions, along with your virtual host, Mr. T.

Use multimedia information points to make yourself familiar with the various tasks of a transmission network operator, and allow yourself to be led into the world of tomorrow’s generation landscape with an extraordinary motion graphic installation.

New transmission lines Plan your own routes

You can try your own hand at route planning with the help of an interactive multi-touch table. Find out in a playful manner how complex and challenging the planning of new power lines is in such a densely populated area as Europe. See for yourself how ecological, economic and time factors affect your plans.

Security of supply The grid control centre

Enter the nerve centre of energy transition – the grid control centre. Look over the shoulder of the system control engineers and see how security of supply is guaranteed in an internationally linked electricity network and which new challenges TenneT is facing due to energy transition. We will give you a lift into the power supply of the future with the most up-to-date augmented reality technology.

Offshore wind power A first-hand experience

Come with us on a virtual journey to the HelWin alpha converter platform. Fly by helicopter across the North Sea. See how enormous quantities of electricity from offshore wind farms are brought together on HelWin alpha and converted to direct current for transportation to the mainland. Set foot in rooms which noone is allowed to enter because they are at high voltage. Feel the waves and the stiff breeze on the high seas at first hand.

The world of TenneT Feel the interaction

Our showroom in the heart of Berlin will give you 360-degree information. Deep-dive into the world of TenneT: In our innovative showroom, you will experience the tasks of a transmission network operator at first hand. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, TenneT Virtual Vision puts the positions and the challenges of energy transition interactively at your fingertips.

We look forward to seeing you!