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Doing business with TenneT

As a TenneT client, you can maintain contact with us in different ways: face-to-face and digital. Face-to-face contacts will be with one of our customer relations managers. Each of these managers is responsible for a specific region of the country or area of attention. You can also contact us at any time via the TenneT Customer Care Center.


Our digital portal

TenneT also operates an online portal called MyTenneT to enable you to take care of TenneT matters quickly and conveniently. The digital dashboard consists of various elements for connected parties and for Balance Responsible Parties and Metering Responsible Parties. It is accessible in Dutch and English versions via the TenneT website.

Obligations for connected parties

Connected parties are obliged by law to inform TenneT daily about their planned and their actual electricity production, consumption and transmission needs. This is necessary to maintain the balance in the high voltage grid: TenneT keeps electricity supply and demand in equilibrium, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Connected parties may contractually assign these obligations to recognised parties if they wish.


Susan Smit from TenneT CCC

Customer Care Center


For customers of TenneT Netherlands only