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Grid capacity map

This grid capacity map gives an indication of the available space at TenneT's 110 kV and 150 kV substations for feeding in renewable electricity. The map also provides a forecast of that capacity up to the year 2030.

With this online map, TenneT provides insight into the high-voltage stations at which transport capacity is available for feed-in. In calculating the capacity for future years, all new construction projects that are in the design or construction phase have been included. TenneT is also currently investigating a large number of additional new construction projects to further expand the capacity of the high-voltage grid. These are included in TenneT's Investment Plan.

This map gives initiators for sustainable electricity production more insight into the available capacity on the high-voltage grid - now and in a few years' time. Due to the rapid growth of solar parks in particular, the maximum available transmission capacity has been reached in a number of places. If you have any concrete plans, therefore, always contact your grid operator first.


TenneT's grid capacity map

Availability of transport capacity (in Dutch only)


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