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Gestuurde boring vanaf de Polderweg in Heerhugowaard naar Hoogspanningsstation Oterleek


Curtailment means shortening and involves green power producers experimenting with dimming solar farms. This so-called curtailment means that during peaks in the electricity network, the feed-in capacity of a solar park is slightly reduced.

With this measure, we expect to be able to connect more parks to the grid in the future, even in places where there is currently no room according to the applicable standards.

At the moment, the basic principle is that producers of renewable energy can supply all their energy back to the grid even during peak generation periods. The highest peaks, on very sunny and/or windy days, generally occur only a handful of times per year. This means that the capacity of the electricity grid is not fully used during the rest of the year.

With curtailment, these highest peaks are artificially capped by dimming the output of the generation facilities. This allows the electricity grid to be used much more efficiently.