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CSP register

Register of approved congestion management service providers.

List of registered CSPs

The basic CSP procedure is divided into two elements: approval of a party as a CSP and pre-qualification of connections

The CSP Acknowledgement of a party for one or more type of CM product(s)

CSPs will be approved after successful completion of the National Assessment.

An application for CSP acknowledgement can be submitted at any time by submitting the signed Application Form and accompanying documents (extract from the Chamber of Commerce, pro-forma invoice, form National Assessment CSP) to TenneT.

The prequalification of connections is not part of the CSP acknowledgement, it is possible to apply for a CSP acknowledgement without connections.

If you wish to apply for CSP acknowledgement, you can download the application form at the General documents page. You will also find accompanying documents there. For questions please contact TenneT System Services.

Approved CSPs can prequalify connections for the Redispatch product (Schedule 11 Grid Code electricity) and/or for the Capacity Limitation product (Schedule 12 Grid Code electricity).

More information regarding the prequalification process and prequalification criteria will follow soon here.

Organisation EAN13/GLN-code Address Redispatch Product Capacity restriction Product
Cenergise Limited 5398888524875 Baggot Street Lower 125 , D02 EW74, DUBLIN 2, Ireland  
Copenhagen Energy Trading A/S 5790002711626 Bag Elefanterne 1 , 1799, COPENHAGEN, Denemarken  
Danske Commodities 5790002711619 Vaerkmestergade 3 3rd floor, AARHUS C, Denemarken  
DC Energy Trading V.O.F.  8719333031194 Stationsplein  21, 4461 HP, GOES  
DXT Commodities 7609999130113 Via Trevano 2 A, CH 6900, LUGANO, Zwitserland  
ECW Elektra BV 8720299979406 Agriport  201 , 1775 TA, MIDDENMEER
Edmij 8719328020677 Brugstraat  7 , 1191 AV, OUDERKERK AAN DE AMSTEL
Eneco Energy Trade 8720299981201 Marten Meesweg 5, 3068 AV, Rotterdam
Energi Danmark A/S 5790002711602 Tangen 29 , 8200, AARHUS, Denemarken  
Engie Energie Nederland NV 8714252008074 Grote Voort  291 , 8041 BL, ZWOLLE
Enova Grid Management 8719326064628 Rhijnspoor 241 , 2901 LB, CAPPELLE A/D IJSSEL  
GIGA Storage BV 8720299053915 Polderweg  10 , 1191 JR, OUDERKERK AAN DE AMSTEL
Greenchoice 8714252018349 Kruisplein 15, 3014DB, ROTTERDAM, Netherlands
InCommodities A/S 8719333030999 Tangen 6 , 8200, AARHUS N, Denemarken  
MFT Energy 5790002711497 Margretepladsen 4,3 , 8000, AARHUS, Denemarken  
Nitor Energy A/S 5790002711442 Klosterport 4x,4, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark  
Nordic Energy House ApS 5790002711275 Oestergade 27 3TH, 8000, AARHUS C, Denemarken  
Northpool B.V. 8719328045403 3e Binnenvestgracht  23 N, 2312 NR, LEIDEN  
Optimax Energy GmbH 8719333031125 Käthe-Kollwitz-Strasse 1 , 04109, LEIPZIG , Duitsland  
Powerhouse BV  8719328008989 Hoogoorddreef 15 , 1101 BA, AMSTERDAM  
PowerMart ApS 5790002711596 Aaboulevarden 17,3 , 8000, AARHUS C, Denemarken  
PZEM Energy Company BV 8714252005738 Poelendaelsesingel 10, 4335 JA, Middelburg  
RWE Supply & Trading GmbH 8719327000403 Platz 6 , 45141, ESSEN, Duitsland
Shared Energy Platform B.V. 8719326959917 Moezelhavenweg  9 , 1043AM, AMSTERDAM
Vattenfall Energy Trading Nederlands N.V. 8714252005646 Hoekenrode 8 , 1102 BR, AMSTERDAM

There is currently no history of the CSP registry.