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Congestion study Utrecht

In the province of Utrecht, the high-voltage grid is reaching the limit for the return of electricity. As a result, there is temporarily no room for new requests for the transmission of green power from, for example, wind or solar parks or large solar roofs.

Over the next few years TenneT will be adapting the grid to make more room, for example by installing smart transformers. In addition, the national grid manager has started a study to see if a temporary market mechanism can be used to enable new initiatives.

National grid operator TenneT is looking for parties in Friesland, Flevopolder, Gelderland, Utrecht, Limburg and Brabant that can handle their electricity supply and demand flexibly. This exploration is part of the congestion study that the grid manager is currently conducting in order to use the busy electricity grid even more intensively.

Aantal belangrijke grootschalige projecten tot 2030 in provincie Utrecht