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Border between the Netherlands and Germany

Information about the multiple auctions

Information on coordinated long-term auctions

All auctions for at the border between the Netherlands and Germany are carried out in cooperation with TenneT B.V. and Amprion for all cross-border traffic. Long-term auctioning transactions are performed by Joint Allocation Office S.A. (JAO).

Relevant information and auctioning rules for the explicit monthly-based and annual-based auctions is available here: 

Information on coordinated, explicit day-ahead auctions

Since the introduction of Day-Ahead Market Coupling in the NWE region the border between the bidding zones Germany and the Netherlands are managed as a part of the Multi Regional Coupling (MRC). MRC is performed together by a cooperation of European power exchanges and TSOs. 

Relevant information on MRC is available here:

Information on coordinated implicit intraday allocation

Free intraday capacity assignment at the border Netherlands – Germany/Luxembourg is happening via the Single Intraday Coupling solution (SIDC).

Relevant information on intraday trade is available here:

More information

Capacity assignment preview (NTC) Netherlands