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Balancing Service Providers (BSP)

When there is an insufficient balance between supply and demand in the Netherlands, TenneT will call upon parties to support TenneT in restoring the balance.

How do we restore the balance?

Restoring the balance is done on the basis of several standard defined balancing products, which can be supplied by a BSP. The BSP enters into a framework contract with TenneT for this purpose, granting it access to the systems as well as taking part in supplying these products. The products are called up via TenneT’s systems, with the most financially-advantageous supplier for solving the problem being chosen on the basis of a bid ladder.

In outline, the following balancing products can be contracted:
  • FCR
  • aFFR- voluntary bids
  • aFRR- contracted bids*
  • mFRRda

 *aFRR- contracted bids are only possible after a BSP has first been qualified on the basis of aFRR- voluntary bids

How to become a BSP

Overview of the process

Intake and application

If your organisation wishes to become a BSP, or wishes to supply an additional BSP product, we would like to receive your Market Role Application form. This will start the BSP onboarding process with your organisation. TenneT will schedule an introductory meeting with you, and we will create a MyTenneT account for you to access our digital customer portal.

Visual of the BSP onboarding process

An onboarding process consists of two main processes:

  • IT qualification: setting up and functionally testing the relevant IT connection for the applicable message traffic with TenneT TSO
  • pre-qualification process per RPG/RPU
Qualifying and testing

Depending on the desired product, the relevant (IT) connections will be set up with TenneT, followed by an extensive test phase.

The IT connection depends on the product and its associated dataflow. In some cases you will have a choice in the type of IT connection for a specific dataflow. To request an IT connection, please fill in the relevant IT questionnaires.

Pre-qualification process RPU/RPG

Parallel to setting up the necessary IT connections, the pre-qualification process is also started. This is a separate process for which the PQ-Application Form is completed. For more information on the pre-qualification process, please contact  

Once all qualifications and testing have been completed successfully and the Framework Agreement has been signed, the Go Live date will be determined in agreement with the BSP and you will be accredited as a BSP. 

The lead time of an onboarding process is relatively long and requires the necessary efforts of both the market party and TenneT itself. If there is no progress in the process for a long time, TenneT may decide to terminate the onboarding process. To prepare yourself as well as possible, we advise you to read the available information on the website and MyTenneT thoroughly.


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