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Community Responsibility

The environment in which we operate is constantly changing. Therefore, we regularly assess which stakeholders we are dealing with. The multiplicity and diversity of our stakeholder group illustrates the complexity of the environment in which we operate. Although we value our relationships with all of our stakeholders, there are certain groups that have a greater influence on us and vice versa than others.

Stakeholder groups

Stakeholder groups

We have defined our main stakeholders as follows:

Visual representation of our stakeholders

Every two years we conduct a survey to determine how well we are doing in the eyes of our stakeholders. The latest survey, in 2020, indicated that TenneT has a "fairly strong to very strong" reputation.

Impact on community

We want to have a positive impact on the communities we work for. We are mindful of the concerns that people and organisations in areas where we construct our facilities and buildings may have. We actively seek to engage with them.

To build and maintain the infrastructure we need for the energy transition, it is crucial that we engage with local people, NGOs and politicians from the beginning of a project. This way, we can address their concerns and build understanding for what we do. When building our electricity network, we want to act responsibly, building dialogue with the surrounding area and thus promoting consent from the local population.

We regularly organise stakeholder dialogues (workshops, lectures, events and online sessions) to raise awareness of what we do and understanding of our work. On these occasions, we listen to the concerns of local stakeholders and how we can properly address them. We measure our efforts in the area of our relationships with local communities through stakeholder surveys.

Together with a project's stakeholders, we look for the best solutions for each individual situation. We take into account the views of all stakeholders.

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