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Awarding procedure TenneT Germany

For goods, services or other projects exceeding a certain cost volume, we are bound by the generally applicable European tendering procedure. In such cases, we follow the European Directive on Tendering Procedures in Utility Sectors. 

We publish our tenders on the official EU website for tenders. The respective procedure is described in detail

Restricted tendering procedures:

If the cost volume of a contract falls below the EU threshold, TenneT follows a so-called "limited submission procedure".

In this case, in accordance with our own purchasing policy, we proceed as follows: 

  • TenneT invites suppliers to apply. In addition, we check who from our existing pool of suppliers is eligible for the contract.
  • Potential suppliers request relevant information from the procurement department
  • Interested parties send their documents to TenneT to qualify as a supplier
  • TenneT asks selected suppliers (also from the existing supplier pool) to submit a bid
  • TenneT evaluates the offers and makes a selection. 

In special situations, TenneT may also directly ask a supplier to submit a bid for a product or service.

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