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TenneT is participating in two major European research programmes: PROMOTioN and MIGRATE. These programmes were initiated in response to new challenges related to the development of offshore power grids and the increasingly important role of solar and wind energy. By participating in the PROMOTioN and MIGRATE programmes, TenneT wants to anticipate these developments.


  • 24 partners
  • from 14 countries


  • projecttime 4 years started 2016
  • investment 17 Million € EU-funding


TenneT conducts research in partnership with other TSOs.

The research will help us to achieve our aims of safeguarding the security of supply and facilitating the transition to a sustainable energy supply. The TSOs will contribute their practical experiences, while universities, research centres and test laboratories will contribute to the performance of the research.


MIGRATE: Increase in solar and wind energy presents new challenges

In the future, several areas of the pan-European high-voltage grid will be operated with high levels of solar and wind energy production during certain periods. Electricity-generating and electricity-consuming units will increasingly be connected to the grid using power electronics. This will lead to technical challenges due to a lack of rotational inertia in the power plants, which ensures the required stability at 50 Hz. The MIGRATE research programme (‘Massive Integration of Power Electronic Devices’) is aimed at developing solutions to these challenges relating to grid stability, quality of supply, control, and grid security.

The TenneT-led consortium established for the MIGRATE programme consists of European TSOs from Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain and the UK, as well as three manufacturers (Alstom, Enercon and Schneider Electric) and a number of universities and research centres.