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2GW Platform

The 2GW program

One fits all: A new standardised platform, a new certified cable system, a higher transmission capacity – all with the least environmental impact possible. The 2GW Program serves the ground for our next generation offshore grid connection systems.

At a glance

The European energy transition is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Its goal: to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. The Netherlands and Germany have therefore set ambitious targets for offshore expansion: Already by 2030, Germany and the Netherlands want to achieve capacities of 30 and 22.2 gigawatts, respectively. Energy from offshore wind farms in the European powerhouse North Sea will play a decisive role in this. TenneT ensures that this energy reaches the mainland - as environmentally friendly as possible. That is why we have developed the 2GW programme in a unique transnational approach. And thus increase the speed and efficiency of the energy transition.

The 2GW connection system

Scope of a project

From offshore converter station to onshore converter station

scope of one project

A new dimension

From 400MW to 2GW

Due to its new innovative design and thus higher transmission capacity, the 2GW Program will reduce the need for resources and the impact on the environment – while providing more energy than prior systems.


The evolution of transmission capacity

2GW - the new standard

The 2GW Program features an innovative and holistic approach that fosters harmonisation across all levels – be it with regards to technology, to design, or the way we work and achieve our goals together. By combining our know-how in offshore grid development with a unique transnational approach, we developed a new standard together with the market that has the potential to become a European showcase in offshore grid development. The 2GW Program will save time, resources, and money – and still double the connection capacity by using less cables and platforms in comparison to previous grid connection systems.

One cable system

Together with our partners*, we are developing a new state of the art 525 kV cable system – with the aim to be certified by 2022.

One platform design
Icon Platform

The new platform design and a high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system allow for increased power transfer – while remaining flexible enough to embrace technological innovation in the future.

One contract model
icon Contract

The 2GW Program’s various projects are governed by a contract based on a FIDIC standard agreement. FIDIC is globally recognised and used throughout the industry. It will make global implementation of the 2GW Program standard much easier for everyone.

Our projects

Between 2028 and 2031 TenneT will realise the following 525 kV High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) bi-pole connections with a capacity of 2 GW each from designated wind areas in the Dutch and German North Sea. Those projects are part of the 2GW Program.

Project Year of commissioning
IJmuiden Ver Beta 2028
IJmuiden Ver Alpha 2029
IJmuiden Ver Gamma 2029
Nederwiek 1 2030
Nederwiek 2 2030
Nederwiek 3 2031
Doordewind 1 2031
Doordewind 2 2031



Project Year of commissioning
BalWin3 2029
BalWin4 2029
LanWin1 2030
LanWin2 2030
LanWin4 2031
LanWin5 2031


Armine Egberink

Armine Egberink

Communications advisor Offshore Grid Development.
Tim Dampmann

Tim Dampmann

Spokesperson - Projekt Offshore Communication