Stakeholder consultation process

Stakeholder consultation process

TenneT is committed to an intensive stakeholder consultation process with respect to e.g. technical and planning issues concerning the realisation of the offshore grid infrastructure. The overall goal of this process is to optimize, together with the stakeholders, the offshore grid configuration and realization against minimum societal cost. During this process all relevant stakeholders are invited to provide their input on the topics at hand via this website. Moreover, it will be clear to all stakeholders which choices are made, when they are made and what the considerations are. This website supports the stakeholder consultation process by providing access to relevant information. The website also includes an overview of scheduled expert meetings.

Expert meetings

Expert meetings will be organized every month and will be attended by a selected group of expert and by invitation only. Two weeks prior to the meeting, the agenda and all relevant background information to the topics discussed will be made available online. Background information may include: a document defining the scope (summary of content and considerations), one or more external reports, and a position paper (TenneT's position on the topic at hand). The relevant topics are assigned to the following work streams:

The exact dates of upcoming expert meetings may be found here.


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